Scam Alert: CPU Service Inc Fax


by Little Green Man on Nov 19, 2014 at 9:23 AM

Scam Alert: CPU Service Inc Fax

Looks legit right?!?!?


I thought I would make a post about this to both publicly shame these shady people trying to scam businesses and individuals for IT services.


I’ve attached a redacted PDF (to remove my company’s info from the fax that was recieved) but pay close attention to the legal info below and how the scam is presented.


So here’s their info:


CPU Service Inc


PO Box 892363


Oklahoma City, OK 73189


Fax: (405) 703-0420




They want to charge $390.00 of course as a “Pre-Order” for a bunch of BS services, and lock you into a contract and they will bill you annually.


Then in BIG BOLD LETTERS, they insist that you give them all your credit card info.


The disclaimer below then says that this isn’t bill, but a “proposal”. OH GIVE ME A #^@(*&$ BREAK!


Screenshot below:



Original PDF (redacted to protect info) attached.


Please share with your colleagues so that this company doesn’t dupe too many people.