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How to Properly Check Your Internet Speed

Ryan Lynch 12th Aug 2018 If there is one thing that is consistently taken for granted by the majority of people, it’s internet speed. When it’s fast, we never give it a second thought. When it’s slow, we’re pulling our hair out. The question is what can you do about it? Unplug the router and plug […]

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Because We Are Enjoying a Renewed Effort in WordPress: How It Works: Steganography Hides Malware in Image Files

Lordian Mosuela CYREN Copyright © 2016 Virus Bulletin Introduction One of the more insidious new obfuscation techniques identified by our research team in the past year, which we believe will grow in popularity, uses a new ‘digital steganography’, or concealment technique, to evade detection by conventional security tools. Digital steganography is a method of concealing a […]

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Is Windows Defender Good Enough?

Robert Zak 7th Jun 2018 When it comes to antivirus software, Windows Defender is the natural choice. In fact, it’s not so much a choice as just the standard state of things, as it comes pre-packed with Windows 10. (In previous Windows iterations it was known as Microsoft Security Essentials.) It’s therefore tempting to just […]

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Is Your Technology Listening to You?

Andrew Braun 25th May 2018 Given that you’re probably within range of at least one microphone for the majority of your day, you’d be justified in worrying that someone might be listening to you. Amazon, Google, and Facebook, with their smart home devices and smartphone apps, could be spying on you, as rumor often suggests, but […]

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Don’t Give Away Historic Details About Yourself

09 Apr 2018,  Brian Krebs, Krebs on Security Social media sites are littered with seemingly innocuous little quizzes, games and surveys urging people to reminisce about specific topics, such as “What was your first job,” or “What was your first car?” The problem with participating in these informal surveys is that in doing so you […]